As By Harmony we are proud to provide the most advanced help in terms of supply chain. By supplying new fabrics, designs, special solutions, and advanced logistic solutions we provide dynamic partnerships to our clients.

Technical development, Planning, Experience and Fast Service

Working with the best fabric and accessory manufacturers, achieving the lowest costs, to get the most suitable results we always work with caution. As a result, excellent quality, service on time, and eventually perfect cost.

Product Design

Our product design crew prepare collections according to our client’s brand identity. The demands of clients are considered on ever step of preparation and creations are made accordingly.

We can proudly state that we have an experienced crew in this topic. And of course, we make a through analysis on world fashion trends.

Fabric Development

We provide denim and non-denim fabric product range and develop our products and collections with our technical knowledge.

We test every step of production process and we have a crew that observe this process closely.

Our goal is to increase product values and meet the desired standards in color, visual, touching, and quality.

Confection Development and Production

Our designers always design new collections and can develop new products by depending on our client’s prototype or technical knowledge.

By inspecting our capacity in every way and defining quality as the number one principle, we are in a constant process of developing new sewing techniques.

We prepare ourselves in every order by revising ourselves in terms of sample studies, preparation before production, sewing, cost, and mass production demands.

We apply latest trends and many new techniques such as cut, wash, print, and embroidery.

We move forward by considering the privacy of our business partners and clients and the protection of their brands.

Surely, the healthy and on time delivery of the products are the two most crucial points as a final step. 

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